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This is a community for people who wait tables. (Or for people who have ever waited tables) In my opinion, waiting tables is one of the hardest customer-service jobs there is. I figured we could use a community all to ourselves. So go ahead and post whatever you want; rants and raves, co-worker gripes, stories about the customer who made your day....whatever.

*A few rules:*

Please don't make sweeping generalities about any ethnic group's tipping habits.

Really long posts, image-heavy posts, and posts that are not work-place safe should be under an lj-cut.

Thinking of becoming a server? Looking for advice? Have a question? See if it has been answered here!

Please do not make posts asking, "I am thinking of getting a job at (chain restaurant). Anybody ever work there/What are the tips like?" Work environments and tips differ greatly by location, shift, and restaurant. There is no way for any of us to tell you what to expect at a specific restaurant.

You can debate other members, but please be respectful.

Links to another community are fine (except when it's just a community promo). Links to another person's personal journal are not.

If your post was removed, it probably violated one of the above rules. Don't take it personally.

Here's hoping for easy sidework and large tips!

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