Morgasm (kizdeana) wrote in waitingtables,

I was working in the bar yesterday, and I had a guest who was very well dressed and polite (about 40 years old), but had 'pure race' tattooed across his knuckles.

It made me feel very uncomfortable, just with the fact that it was pretty obviously a white supremacy tattoo. It almost made me disgusted to the point that I wanted to not wait on him, but then felt that I was being paid not to make judgements on that level.

He left and tipped well, but I never wanted to go over to the table just because the whole thing made me feel gross. Have you ever had someone you refused service to because of their apparent beliefs? Was I being ridiculous for feeling this way?

I feel like I've waited on people that were ridiculously rude and just plain mean and never considered refusing service, so it's weird that one polite guy's tattoo could upset me to that level.

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