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Dear fine gentleman who somehow found the one unlocked door to our restaurant 15 minutes after closing (despite half the lights already being turned off), and barged in (in a lovely suit, with a bouquet of flowers in hand) INSISTING to be served because he had a date "meeting him here from the airport,"


Good planning,

PS -
He hung around arguing with my manager for a good ten minutes while my manager explained as politely as he could that, in addition to all the food being put away and all the grills/ovens ect being off, there was literally NO ONE left in the building who could cook for him. For reference, this was nearly 10:30 at night by that point, we NEVER close later than 10:00, and no, at no point had the guy even tried to call to make a reservation. :p

reality tv: waiting tables

Is there any sort of reality tv out there focused on waiting tables? Do you have an ideal Waiting Table Reality TV show you would like to watch?

I would love to see a Social Experiment (ya know, like the name of that one show I forgot) where a planted professional server gets to dish out all the frustration in thick sarcasm to rude customers, while also have a field day of humor with good customers. It would be beautiful to see people's reaction. ... has this even been done yet? I feel like that one tall and chubby face guy (with NBC or ABC or CBS, one of those big channels) already did.

Oh Pittsburgh Craigslist, how you continue to amuse.

Both full and part time positions available in our Fine Dining Room

Entry wage is $7.78 in the dining room and $8 in the dish room but:
We will pay higher wages if you have experience.

Affordable Medical benefits ($28 per pay) as well as 401K(403B) available.

Full time employees will work 11:45am - 8:15pm

Part time employees will work some 11:45-815 shifts and some 4:00-8:15 shifts (minimum of 16 hours, maximum of 30 hours)

The dining room closes at 7:30 pm and the last employee leaves no later than 8:30 pm

please don 't make an appointment for an interview unless you plan on actually showing.

Location: South Hills
Compensation: $8 range but goes up if you have experience

I am tempted to email this guy and ask him how in the world he thinks that $28 a day for benefits is "affordable" when you're making $8 an hour. I think this is for a retirement community, so it's not like you're getting tipped...

(no subject)

I realize this may not be as relevant as you'd like, but delete this if you want! I'm just really perplexed by this situation.

So my friends and I went out to a bar/restaurant tonight located in Cambridge, MA that shall remain nameless. (For the record, I'm a full-time waitress and I've been working in several different restaurants for five years since I was 16.) We had an EXCEPTIONALLY bad waitress despite the fact that the restaurant was fairly empty. I tried to play the devil's advocate--maybe she was busy doing sidework or maybe she was the only server in the place. But the fact was that she wasn't--I saw her several times literally sitting down and kissing some guy while watching the open-mic comedy night while my friends and I were clearly awaiting our drinks/food/menus and eventually, our bill. I probably should have gotten up and asked her about it or something. But idk I feel like I shouldn't *have^ to do that. Not to mention the fact that it was late and my friends had to get back to the train before the it closed down for night. So we flagged her down eventually and I noticed that there was an 18% gratuity included in our bill. I have worked in four restaurants, and it was a rule at every single one that gratuity was included for parties of SIX or more. There were FOUR of us in our party. So I find this extremely bizarre that this gratuity was already included. I wouldn't have had a problem with it--I typically tip far more than 18% anyway--if I felt her services deserved $9.50 (which they didn't by ANY means).

So, for those of you who find this experience tl;dr: is the included-gratuity-for-parties-of-six-or-more rule a set legal rule or something? Because I feel really skeeved out by the fact that I was charged gratuity for a party of four people when I personally as a waitress have only ever charged gratuity on parties of six or more.

I'm just looking for some insight into this! Thanks :)

edit: I checked extensively the Yelp reviews for this place, and it seems to me that there is an 18% gratuity for bills over $30. Really?! Maybe this is stated at the top of the menu but honestly, I was too drunk to notice. Ugh. Maybe there is a good reason for the 18% auto-grat but my decision to never return to this place has been confirmed.

Ah, Craigslist

A friend emailed this to me today and I thought you all might find it funny... The ad is still up too.

Server - Hospitality Expert Needed (Pittsburgh)

Date: 2011-02-21, 4:24PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Do you like gossip, fighting over tables, refusing to separate checks?

Do you enjoy smoking crack, weed or meth in the workplace?

Do you make a point to sleep with every possible coworker, enjoy drinking on the clock ?

Do you want to commit your availability and have all 8 grand parents die within the first month of employment?

Do you want to scam your child support? Work a full pay period then tell the employeer that you cant get paid on the books?

Do you want to stock your kitchen by stealing shrimp and seafood, need silverware or want a few aprons for home? Have you ever stabbed a cooworker?

Do you know everything and not need any instruction?

If this sounds like you, send a eMail so I can keep your account on file against future applicants.

Good luck tonight!

Finger Lakes HarvestHere's hoping the fact that it's a Monday keeps the Valentine's Day traffic a little sane, and that those who come know how to behave and how to tip. Did you all get clobbered on Saturday night or last night?

My friend Michelle is working her usual Monday night shift at Rogues' Harbor, but she's expecting a quiet night. Hope she's right.
evil toys

The most beautiful policy

 I bartend at a corporate, casual chain restaurant along Chicago's major shopping/tourist street. I transferred there from a store in the suburbs which was half as busy and 1/10 as hellish as this place downtown. Starting this week, a new policy went into place, as denoted by a sign on our host stand that reads thus:

"After 9pm you must be 19 or older to be admitted, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Valid ID is required. Thank you for your cooperation." 

Can I hear an "amen!"?

Yesterday was the first day of this and the first big group of teens (~12 of them) to be turned away proved our point that this measure is necessary. When politely told our new policy by our host (the sweetest boy in the world) and not-so-politely asked to step out of the restaurant by the off duty cops we've had as security for the last 6 months, the teenagers started shouting about what bullshit this was as they rowdily backed out of the foyer, and then spent a few minutes banging on the windows shouting "Fuck [name of restaurant]!" and flipping off staff, security, and guests alike.

No, please, come back. We're sorry, you're exactly the people we want dining in our establishment. Our bad.

The best line I've heard in a while

I work in a restaurant as a waitress, easy enough right?

I was working with a couple of guys last night when one says to me, "Look, that's gross, he just stuck a $5 bill in his mouth..." And sure enough, a customer had indeed put a $5 bill in-between his lips.

And without missing a beat my coworker says, "That's nasty, cause you know that was in the crack of some hooker's ass yesterday."

That comment made my whole night.

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