sorcha_ruel (sorcha_ruel) wrote in waitingtables,

Oh Pittsburgh Craigslist, how you continue to amuse.

Both full and part time positions available in our Fine Dining Room

Entry wage is $7.78 in the dining room and $8 in the dish room but:
We will pay higher wages if you have experience.

Affordable Medical benefits ($28 per pay) as well as 401K(403B) available.

Full time employees will work 11:45am - 8:15pm

Part time employees will work some 11:45-815 shifts and some 4:00-8:15 shifts (minimum of 16 hours, maximum of 30 hours)

The dining room closes at 7:30 pm and the last employee leaves no later than 8:30 pm

please don 't make an appointment for an interview unless you plan on actually showing.

Location: South Hills
Compensation: $8 range but goes up if you have experience

I am tempted to email this guy and ask him how in the world he thinks that $28 a day for benefits is "affordable" when you're making $8 an hour. I think this is for a retirement community, so it's not like you're getting tipped...
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