Mark (mhaithaca) wrote in waitingtables,

Good luck tonight!

Finger Lakes HarvestHere's hoping the fact that it's a Monday keeps the Valentine's Day traffic a little sane, and that those who come know how to behave and how to tip. Did you all get clobbered on Saturday night or last night?

My friend Michelle is working her usual Monday night shift at Rogues' Harbor, but she's expecting a quiet night. Hope she's right.
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We are closed on fridays and saturdays because we are a kosher restaurant, in observance of the jewish sabbath. Our busy night is sunday. We did 93 covers last night, which isn't absolutely ridiculous, but definitely a busy night! I anticipate that it won't be as busy tonight because a lot of people came on sunday instead, due to v-day being monday. If I remember correctly, last v-day was a sunday, which was crazy!!

Good luck everyone!
Now I'm curious which restaurant you work at! I've probably never eaten there, but I'd love to give it a try. (I'm in NJ once or twice a year, and my parents live in Westchester.)
I work at etc steakhouse in Teaneck! :) It's phenomenal food, nice upscale dining experience. Very expensive, though. We don't have certain products due to kosher restrictions, but we make a damn good steak!
Certain products? So I wouldn't have much luck ordering a shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, creamed spinach, mashed potatoes with extra butter, and a glass of milk? :-)

Just looked over the menu, though, and somehow I think I'd be pretty happy there..
I hear their bacon cheeseburger is out of this world! :^D

We got killed Sat and Sun nights then AGAIN last night. I didn't leave last night until 2 am... and the kitchen closed at 11p. ugh! I'm exhausted after this weekend!
I worked Thursday through last night, and we were super busy all weekend. I work at a hibachi restaurant, and we only have 12 tables, but they were constantly full. We worked late Saturday, Sunday, and Monday - yikes!