theaftercath (theaftercath) wrote in waitingtables,

The most beautiful policy

 I bartend at a corporate, casual chain restaurant along Chicago's major shopping/tourist street. I transferred there from a store in the suburbs which was half as busy and 1/10 as hellish as this place downtown. Starting this week, a new policy went into place, as denoted by a sign on our host stand that reads thus:

"After 9pm you must be 19 or older to be admitted, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Valid ID is required. Thank you for your cooperation." 

Can I hear an "amen!"?

Yesterday was the first day of this and the first big group of teens (~12 of them) to be turned away proved our point that this measure is necessary. When politely told our new policy by our host (the sweetest boy in the world) and not-so-politely asked to step out of the restaurant by the off duty cops we've had as security for the last 6 months, the teenagers started shouting about what bullshit this was as they rowdily backed out of the foyer, and then spent a few minutes banging on the windows shouting "Fuck [name of restaurant]!" and flipping off staff, security, and guests alike.

No, please, come back. We're sorry, you're exactly the people we want dining in our establishment. Our bad.
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