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Just because you have a miserable life, doesn't mean we should.

So, I work in a small, privately owned, Greek run Diner in western Massachusetts. By "Greek run", I mean "completely and totally male-dominated". We are governed by three male managers, two male owners, and one pathetically subservient female "head waitress". Despite her supposed management status, Head Waitress has no say in basically anything. The one thing she dominates is The Schedule. (If I could write that in creepy font with blood dripping off of it, I would). The Schedule is a source of much fear and rage, and sometimes it seems as if it will come to blows over the damn thing. One major issue everyone takes with it is that HW allots herself the best and most hours possible. According to the owners, we are not supposed to go over 40 hours a week (they're cheap Greeks who don't want to pay the $6.36 overtime). HW works 78 hours, every week. However, that is neither here nor there. Today, The Schedule came out.
This week is Thanksgiving.
Our process for requesting days off is relatively simple. There's a small datebook, and you write your name under certain dates, and get it initialed. (That's the important part. The initialing makes it legit.) On holidays, only four people are allowed to get initialed off.
I don't drive, I take the bus everywhere. Also, Thanksgiving is the one holiday I get to spend with my hodge-podge family as if we were a normal one. So, two months ago, I made sure to take it off and have the Head Waitress initial it herself.
Schedule came out. Not only am I working Thanksgiving evening into late night, but I am working the overnight on Wednesday, barring me from any holiday all.
I went to the manager to try and figure it out, because I can't get there, and I took it off two months ago. People who took it off two days ago have it off. People who have worked there for way less time than I have, have it off. Head Waitress' defense for herself is that "I have to work holidays too. If she doesn't like it, she can find a new job!". The response I got from the manager was that I was giving him attitude (by panicking), and that if I did not show up on Thursday, I would not be working there anymore.
Who's wrong here? Everyone in my life is saying that the restaurant is really twisted and "effed" up, and I'm inclined to agree....but what say you in the restaurant business?
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