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Just FYI - this is a VERY LONG "manager"/owner rant. I am losing my mind at this place and I'm hoping that either you all have similar stories or can assure me that things CAN BE BETTER at other restaurants. Apologies in advance for the TL;DR.

Alright, so I work at a family-owned/run restaurant that is fairly large compared to other places in town. I've worked here for 2 years... I'm a server and also do almost everything computer-related for the place/am a kind of personal assistant to one of the owners.

The owners are husband and wife. The husband is also a cook - or THE cook - he's always there, 7 days a week, 14+ hours a day. On busier days he'll have 1, maybe 2 guys helping him, but he's usually back there alone. He is generally miserable and almost always angry at his staff whether they've done something wrong or not, but it's understandable and I try to let it go.

Now. The wife is SUPPOSED to be the FOH manager, and she's there about 5 or 6 days out of the week, always showing up at least an hour later than she says she will (very rarely before 11am, right before the lunch rush comes). The moment she arrives she's "too frazzled" to handle ANYTHING we may need to discuss with her.

I CANNOT. STRESS. how disorganized and unprofessional this woman is. Despite being in the restaurant business for several years, she often has NO idea what needs to be done around the place and instead spends her time walking around the kitchen/floor getting in the way & harassing her husband and the workers with petty, inane bullshit. It doesn't help that more than half of the day she's seen with a cup (yes CUP) of wine in her hand. Her attitude has turned off customers in the past, there's been more than one yelp review saying that she's rubbed people the wrong way and they now refuse to come back.

As I mentioned earlier, I (unfortunately) am her "go-to" person for a lot of things that should be her responsibility. I am in charge of changing prices/items in the POS, printing specials, designing the menus/website/e-mail newsletters/coupons/fliers for parties, and I also enter payroll and other data entry. Lately, she's been trying to pay me with free meals rather than have me clock in for actual money. HA... haahaaha.

Okay, and LASTLY - I promise - I, along with one other girl, have been with this restaurant for several years. We are the people that are almost always willing to come in and help if there's an emergency. Not to mention the fact that I help her with a million other things around the restaurant. However, I'm a full-time student and have a lot on my plate. Last week, I came in during an "emergency" and was kept on much longer than she said she needed me. The server I was helping told me that my boss had called me first, saying that I "can usually be guilted into doing just about anything". The fact that she said that TO ANOTHER SERVER is ridiculous. She has been so disrespectful to me lately I am just amazed.

LONG STORY SHORT - I feel very, very disrespected at this restaurant despite the fact that I go out of my way to help in any way I can, whenever I can. I have nightmares about work nearly every night. Even though I LOVE serving, I hate going into work. I want to leave, but I only have 3 years experience and am not sure if I'll be able to find work as a server elsewhere...

I know it's the restaurant business and things aren't always ideal, but is this more horrific sounding than most places? I just can't take it anymore.
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